Registration Instructions for Owners of Foreign Language Schools

Step 1

Submit the applications electronically through the PALSO website by entering your personal Username and Password

Detailed instructions for submitting applications can be found at the link below.

Application instructions

Step 2

To complete the application process, you must send to your local PALSO office by registered post or courier:

  • Bank Deposit receipt. It is necessary to provide the depositor’s details (name of the Language School) and state the reason "NOCN FEES + AREA" (e.g. NOCN FEES -ARKADIA).
  • Photocopies of IDs / passports / recent identity certificates.

Note: The above documents for participation in Attiki and Chios Examination Centres must be sent to ESOL EXAMS’ offices.

PALSO local offices

Candidates' participation forms are uploaded on the PALSO website about 10 days before the exam and can be printed from your profile. You will also receive a letter with instructions to candidates and address of their exam centre.