The Right Choice

  • The only examination that enables candidates to retain the skills they have passed.
  • New Grading Profile: Candidates who achieve near pass in a skill, i.e. up to 3 marks below the passing mark, are able to pass the whole exam.
  • The New Grading Profile is also applied to refer candidates.
  • Reexamination of skills for as many times as necessary in the next 5 exam sessions.
  • High success rates at All levels.
  • Reasonable adjustments for Special Consideration candidates.
  • Only multiple choice questions (a, b or c) in Listening & Reading.
  • Topics adapted to the age of candidates.
  • Refer candidates
    Candidates succeeding in one, two or three exam skills are able to retain them for the next three years. At the same time they can re-sit the examination only for the outstanding skills (altogether and not each skill separately) as many times as necessary.