Oral Examination Guidelines

The Oral Exams will be carried out via Zoom. application.

Instructions on downloading and installing the Zoom app can be found here.

Required Equipment

Candidates taking the Oral exam must have:

  • A desktop / laptop
  • Fixed Internet connection via Ethernet
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Headphones

You are required to check that Zoom and your camera, microphone and headphones work properly.

If you are facing any problems, you must contact GlobalCert at least 3 days prior to your examination date.

IMPORTANT: No technical issues will be addressed on the day of the exam.

All candidates must:

  • connect to Zoom 10 minutes before their scheduled time of examination
  • have their ID / passport near them to show the interlocutor upon request

Once the candidates connect to Zoom, they will remain in the waiting room until the examiner is ready to accept them.

After the ID check, the candidates will have to share their screen in order for the examiner to check for any applications other than Zoom running.

Instructions regarding Zoom screen sharing may be found here.