Special Consideration Candidates

To submit a request to sit for the examination under special conditions due to Learning or other Difficulties, as well as uploading medical documents AND sample essay (handwriting sample, in English) in pdf or jpeg format, please click here.

  • ALL pages of the medical report should be uploaded, on a single file.
  • The medical report does not have to be translated in English.
  • The medical report is required only the first time a candidate participates in the NOCN exams.
  • The Special Request Form must be submitted each and every exam period a candidate participates.
  • A sample essay (handwriting sample) is mandatory.

Attention: The above procedure REGARDS ONLY the submission of medical reports (special requests) for Learning and other Difficulties.

To register for the exams, please visit the PALSO website.


The Special Request Platform will be active from February 12th 2024, until:

- March 22nd for candidates enrolled within the registration deadline.

- April 17th for Late Entry candidates.