Near Pass Advantage

  • Learners that have passed 3 skills and have been awarded a Near Pass grade on one skill (up to 3 marks below the passing mark) are considered successful and have passed the exam.
  • The Near Pass Advantage also applies to Refer candidates. When re-examined in 2 or more skills, a Near Pass grade is preserved if the candidate does not achieve a higher score.
  • Refer candidates are eligible to re-sit for 5 exam periods FREE of charge.
Near Pass
  • Refer candidates
    Candidates that have succeeded in 1, 2 or 3 skills, secure their grade for 5 exam periods, during which they may re-sit the exam for any pending skills (collectively, not separately) for as many times needed FREE OF CHARGE. Refer candidates that apply for the exams but do not attend, are entitled to re-sit the exam FREE OF CHARGE only after sending PALSO all necessary documents issued from a public institution. In the event of unjustified absence, candidates have the right to re-sit the exam, with an additional cost of 25€ per skill for level B1, and 40€ per skill for levels B2, C1 and C2.