Frequently Asked Questions

Information regarding registration of candidates with learning / other difficulties can be found here.

Participation forms are available approximately 10 days before each exam.

  • FLS have access through their profile, by entering their USERNAME and PASSWORD
  • Independent candidates registered in Attica or Chios will receive their Participation Forms through email from ESOL EXAMS, whereas candidates from the rest of Greece via their local PALSO offices.

The results are posted on the PALSO website, approximately 2 months after the exam.

  • FLS have access to the results through their profile, by entering their USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • Independent candidates select “Independent Candidate results” and then enter their Personal Code and Date of Birth.

Certificates for the May exam are available in October, and in April for the December exam.

  • FLS and candidates from Attica collect their certificates from the ESOL EXAMS offices.
  • FLS and candidates from the Rest of Greece collect their certificates from their local PALSO offices.

Following the announcement of the results, successful candidates may request for an electronic temporary Achievement Confirmation, until their Certificates are available. To request an Achievement Confirmation, click here.

  • Copies of certificates can be validated by the British Council and lawyers registered as English language specialists.
  • Certificates can be translated by the British Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Candidates must contact ESOL EXAMS (Attica and Chios) or their local PALSO offices (rest of Greece) upon receiving an incorrect Participation Form. In addition, they must also report it to their supervisor on the day of the exam.

If the error is found after the examination, the candidate should immediately contact ESOL EXAMS, since certificates are printed shortly after the announcement of the results, and additional fees apply for any certificate re-issue.

Candidates will have to pay an additional fee of 35€.

Ιban: GR52 0260 1800 0009 7020 0614 834
Beneficiary: Esol Exams

The reason for the deposit must state “Re-issue + name of the holder” (e.g., Re-issue – IOANNIS PAPADOPOULOS).

Applicants must send proof of deposit via email to ESOL EXAMS and:

  • In case of an amendment: a copy of ID and a copy of the certificate they have received with the correct details indicated. Once the new certificate is received, candidates must return the old one.
  • In case of loss: indicate contact details – full name, father’s name, date of birth, level and examination window

Yes. If a candidate is absent in case of illness, they must submit a medical report issued by a public hospital and await approval from PALSO in order to submit a new application for participation in the next exam period.

Otherwise, the exam fees are NOT transferred.

  • Candidates from Attica and Chios must send their report to ESOL EXAMS offices.
  • Candidates for the Rest of Greece must send the medical report from a public hospital to the local PALSO offices.

Residents of Attica and Chios, please contact ESOL EXAMS. For the Rest of Greece, please contact PALSO or local PALSO offices by prefecture. Details available here.

Yes, they are.

To access the Ofqual website, click here.

To access the ASEP website, click here.

Information regarding NOCN preparation material can be found here.