World’s First, GlobalCert gave a solution to thousands of candidates.

GlobalCert was the first organisation globally to offer a solution to thousands of candidates, both in Greece and internationally, conducting the NOCN ESOL International English language exams Online, under strict monitoring procedures, with great success.

In these difficult and unprecedented conditions for us all, we gave each candidate of the December 2020 exam the choice to be examined in the English language online, immediately and with safety.

NOCN ESOl Exams March-April 2021

NOCN and GlobalCert, the largest awarding organisations in Greece and the UK respectively, joined forces and created the most reliable and modern online English language examination – the only one fully identical to the paper-based exams.

We took the leap and succeeded in offering a new, unique and enjoyable experience for each candidate who chose to certify their English language skills with NOCN and GlobalCert.

The number of messages we received from parents, teachers and candidates alike, congratulating us on impeccable organisation and excellent technical support to each candidate individually was our reward. .

Our reward is your satisfaction.

Congratulations to each and all the participants of the NOCN Online English language examinations by GlobalCert!

Well done to each and every one of you!!