Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


accredited by the ESYD (Hellenic Accreditation System)

with Global Recognition

GlobalCert is an International Awarding Organisation for Human Resources and Systems Management, recognised by the EOPPEP (National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Training) and accredited by the


(Hellenic Accreditation System), for the certification of individual knowledge and skills, as well as Systems Management certification.

The many years of research in combination with extended experience in the field of certification have established GlobalCert among the leading and most reliable awarding organisations, with international prestige. Operating in many countries, GlobalCert has established strong collaborations with universities and internationally recognised Certification Organisations, both locally and internationally, focusing on quality, validity and reliability of the certificates offered. GlobalCert’s goal is the recognition of the certificates offered, adding prestige and reliability to both its associates and their trainees.

NOCN ESOL International – English Language Certification

GlobalCert’s strategic partnership with NOCN, the UK’s leading Awarding Organisation, recognised by Ofqual, led to the NOCN English Language Certification on levels B1 through C2 to become candidates’ first choice. GlobalCert is the exclusive representative of the NOCN English Language Certification worldwide.

Level 7 TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

The need for well-prepared English language teachers, knowledgeable regarding the teaching challenges, and effective regarding their educational approach is imperative, particularly in a time where the human factor tends to be limited due to technology.

Teachers of English as a Foreign Language who will obtain the GlobalCert Level 7 TESOL certification from ESYD will:

  • be able to academically and professionally contribute to the rapidly changing world of international English.
  • be well-prepared and well-informed regarding the teaching challenges and be more effective in their educational goal.
  • develop additional knowledge concerning the structures and sounds of the English language, along with uses for various purposes.
  • gain strategies to assist their students in acquiring knowledge via interaction and reflection.
  • gain additional knowledge regarding teaching, class management, curriculum design, book selection, academic content knowledge and ways to transfer that knowledge so students will understand, process and internalise.
  • become more aware of diversity and acceptance.
  • be familiarised with both cognitive and physiological stages of childhood and development.


LEVEL 7 Certification is suitable for English Literature graduates (with or without teaching experience), and professionals who have a minimum of 5 years teaching experience and wish to develop a critical view of relevant cognitive subjects, or wish to pursue postgraduate studies in teaching English as a foreign language.

International ESYD Recognition

The ESYD certificates are recognised by the national Accreditation Bodies of the member states of the EU, and through bilateral agreements automatically extended to a global scale in industrially developed countries (USA, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, etc.), thus being recognised globally.


The range of skills teachers will develop through the Level 7 TESOL certification will ensure they will be in a position to find employment worldwide as administrators or study directors, teachers, trainers, lecturers, professors in schools, foreign language schools, universities or organisations, consequently expanding the teaching profession and creating new job opportunities.


Throughout the course, mini projects are required. The final exam includes multiple choice questions and exemplary teaching.

The final exams may be conducted live, online or remotely.

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