NOCN, the world’s leading awarding organization,
is candidate’s first choice worldwide.

Since August 2017, NOCN is the largest Awarding Organisation in the UK based on official ranking, with international presence and recognition.

NOCN is trusted and recognised by employers, training organisations and students around the world for its prestige, credibility and high-quality services, recognised by Ofqual and ASEP.

NOCN’s prestige creates a certificate that gives value to knowledge, via exams that:

The tradition and prestige of NOCN, equips you with a certificate that gives value to your knowledge with exams that:

  • Are modern and simple
  • Demonstrate your language skills
  • Represent your depth of knowledge. in subjects you are already familiar with
  • Maintain the same structure at all levels, familiarizing you with the examination
  • have topics equivalent to those found in English textbooks, assisting English language teachers with their task
  • Reward your efforts with a Rewarding Grading Profile.

Positive Marking

Modern Paedagogical Approach – Rewarding Grading Profile

  • Multiple questions (a, b or c) only
  • Grammar and Vocabulary are examined through the Reading and Writing tasks
  • Modern topics, adapted to the candidates’ age
  • One interlocuter / one candidate in the Oral Exam
  • Additional time and additional examination conditions for learners with learning or other disabilities
  • All 4 skills examined – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking
  • Biannual exams, in May and December
  • Past papers available immediately
  • Free of charge re-examination for the first TWO resits
  • Near Pass Advantage – when candidates have been awarded up to 3 marks below the passing mark on one skill but have succeeded in the remaining 3 skills, they have passed the exam
  • All candidates who have succeeded in 1, 2 or 3 skills, secure their grade for the following 3 years or 5 exam periods
  • Versatile approach in the Speaking Part so as to enhance the candidate’s confidence and achieve their maximum performance
  • The multiple-choice questions are comprehensible and straightforward
  • Optional points are provided for the Writing Part